chris jones


Past Gigs (2012 and earlier):

8/25 (Sat)- solo show
@ Club 23

w/ JL Stiles, Nicholas Burke
9pm. 23 Visitacion Ave., Brisbane

chris jones

8/10 (Fri)- Scary Little Friends
@ Amnesia

w/ Crackerjack Preacher (CD Release)
6pm. 853 Valencia St, SF

7/6 (Fri)- w/ JL Stiles
@ Awaken Cafe

w/ JL Stiles, Emily Schmidt
8pm. 1429 Broadway, Oakland

6/22 (Fri)- Solo Show
@ Grape in the Fog

w/ JL Stiles
8pm. 400 Old County Road, Pacifica

chris jones

6/20 (Wed)- Scary Little Friends
@ Grant & Green

w/ The Ghost of Wrights
9pm sharp. 1371 Grant Street x Green. SF

chris jones

6/12 (Tue)- Scary Little Friends
@ Public Works

w/ the Paranoids
Ruffled Feathers (Vancouver)
9pm sharp. 161 Eerie St. SF
Near 14th and Mission

chris jones

6/8 (Fri)- Scary Little Friends
@ San Pedro Square Market

w/ Careless Hearts
7pm. 87 North San Pedro Street
Downtown San Jose

chris jones

6/3 (Sun)- Scary Little Friends
@ Sunday Streets

(Free) 1:00-3pm. 3328 24th Street x Mission SF

5/13 (Sun) - Hanging on a Star:
A Nick Drake Tribute
@ Make Out Room

Steer the Stars
The Campbell Apartment
Biv and the Mnemonics
Il Gato
Hélène Renaut
the Incorrigible Danny Pearson
Chris Jones
Mark Hammond
($10) 7:30pm. 3225 22nd St, SF

5/19 (Sat)- Solo Show
@ Saturn Cafe: Space Lounge

w/ JL Stiles, Nicholas Burke
7pm. 2175 Allston Way, Berkeley

5/8 (Tue)- Solo Show
@ Vitus

w/ JL Stiles
9pm $5. 201 Broadway, Oakland

5/6 (Sun)- Sunday Streets
@ 24th and Mission House

(Free) 1:00-4pm. 3328 24th Street SF

chris jones

5/5 (Sat)- Scary Little Friends
@ Stork Club

w/ Mad River, Bees Table, Nicholas Burke
8pm. 2330 Telegraph Avenue Oakland

chris jones

4/26 (Thu) - Scary Little Friends
@ Amnesia

All Together Now Festival
a Benefit for Music National Service
7-Midnight, $5-10
8pm. 853 Valencia St. SF

4/16 (Mon)- Solo
@ Make Out Room

Sad Bastards Club
w/ Kevin Thompson, Colin Daly, Jennifer Hall & Jesse James, Dave Leonard and Doug Hilsinger
(Free) 7:30-10:00pm. 3225 22nd Street SF

chris jones

4/12 (Thu)- Scary Little Friends
@ Cafe Royale

w/ Dan Beaulaurier (UK)
(Free) 8:00-10:30pm. 800 Post St. @ Leavenworth SF

3/29 (Thu)- w/ JL Stiles and David Newman
@ Cafe Royale

(Free) 8:00-10:30pm. 800 Post St. @ Leavenworth SF

3/24 (Sat)- w/ JL Stiles Band
@ Amnesia

7-9pm. 842 Valencia St. SF

chris jones

3/7 - w/ band @ Make Out Room (Penny Arcade)
Scary Little Friends are: Billy Cramer, Charlie Knote, JL Stiles
Also: Desario (Sac),
Danielle Hall & One Night Band
($8) 7:30pm. 3225 22nd St, SF

chris jones

2/3 - Solo @ Kaleidoscope w/ Nicholas Burke and Dave Leonard
($5) 7:30pm-10pm. 3109 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

chris jones

1/22 - Solo @ Amnesia Songbird Festival Presents w/ Billy Cramer and Share the Land, Matthew Welde
($7) 5:15pm-8pm. 853 Valencia St., San Francisco, CA 94110